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How to read serial number on remote client

wmic /node: “hostname” bios get serialnumber


Migrating/copy GPOs from one to another Domain

If You want to transfer/copy/migrate GPOs from Domain A to Domain B, You need to:

On Domain A:

  1. Select GPO you want to transfer
  2. Right click ->Backup
  3. Select location where you want to save backup
  4. Backup->Ok.

Copy entire saved folder (name of folder is GUID, something like {6E6C373B-1………………) to Domain B.

On Domain B:

  1. For example: copy backup folder “named by GUID” from Domain A on desktop server Domain B
  2. From that folder copy(not cut) all content out to desktop
  3. Make new GPO
  4. Right click->Import
  5. For “Backup folder” chose Desktop
  6. Next->Next->Finish->OK

Now, You can link Your GPO to OU.

You can delete all files and folders from desktop….

WSUS cant change Computer membership – option is grey

On the Option go to Computers and uncheck “Use group police or registry settings on computers” like on picture:


WSUS Error when view synchronization history in the WSUS console

Clearing the Synchronization History in the WSUS Console


In SQL Server Manager connect to WID or SQL server with SUSDB database.

To connect to WID use server name:

WIN2003-2008 :  \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query
WIN 2012: \\.\pipe\Microsoft##WID\tsql\query

and run query:

DELETE FROM tbEventInstance WHERE EventNamespaceID = ‘2’ AND EVENTID IN (‘381’, ‘382’, ‘384’, ‘386’, ‘387’, ‘389’)






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