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Migrating/copy GPOs from one to another Domain

If You want to transfer/copy/migrate GPOs from Domain A to Domain B, You need to:

On Domain A:

  1. Select GPO you want to transfer
  2. Right click ->Backup
  3. Select location where you want to save backup
  4. Backup->Ok.

Copy entire saved folder (name of folder is GUID, something like {6E6C373B-1………………) to Domain B.

On Domain B:

  1. For example: copy backup folder “named by GUID” from Domain A on desktop server Domain B
  2. From that folder copy(not cut) all content out to desktop
  3. Make new GPO
  4. Right click->Import
  5. For “Backup folder” chose Desktop
  6. Next->Next->Finish->OK

Now, You can link Your GPO to OU.

You can delete all files and folders from desktop….

Top 10 GPOs

Here are some nice GPOs which I believe help to automate some of your current tasks when creating a new PC (and also preventing the users from changing certain settings..) Internet explorer home pa…

Source: Top 10 GPOs

Silent Clean Disk batch script – GPO – Cleanmgr

For silent disk cleanup user computers we use batch logoff script in GPO:

cleanmgr/d c: /verylowdisk

Logon Scripts for installing AdobeReader

I found some scripts which can be use for installing AdobeReader and ather sofware via GPO:

First Example:

TITLE Adobe Reader Installer
ECHO *************************************************************
ECHO This will install Adobe Reader on remote nodes              *
ECHO Script by JohnnyJammer                                      *
ECHO *************************************************************
    SET /p target=What is the name of the Target computer:
ECHO Copying over Adobe Reader to %target%'s C:\ drive
    XCOPY /y "\\FQDN_Path\to\your\file\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp" "\\%target%\C$"
ECHO Now installing Adobe Reader
    ::%target% could be reading a file like so
    ::wmic /node:@C:\SometextFilewithComputerNames.txt process call create "C:\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp /sAll /msi /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES UPDATE_MODE=3"
    wmic /node:%target% process call create "C:\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp /sAll /msi /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES UPDATE_MODE=3"
::Allow 5 minutes to install, may need more time for this!
ping -n 300 > %TMP%\PING
ECHO Checking version
wmic product where (name like 'adobe reader%%') get version
ECHO Cleaning up files........................
    del "\\%target%\C$\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp"
    del %TMP%\PING
ECHO Done.......................................

Make txt list off clients:

net view | find /i "\\" | sort >> C:\SortedWorkstations.txt

Second Example:

title Installing Adobe Reader
echo Installing Adobe Reader. . .

set READER="\\SERVER\FOLDER\AdbeRdr1011_en_US.exe"
if not exist %READER% set missing=%READER% & goto ERR1

goto END

echo Unable to locate: %missing%
goto END


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