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How to read serial number on remote client

wmic /node: “hostname” bios get serialnumber


Schedule WSUS downloading updates

Because of limited bandwidth in our lan, we are forced to turn off WSUS in working hours and turning it back after working hours.
I found a simple solution how to “Schedule” WSUS synchronization after working hours.

In our Firewall we made a rule to disable the port through which downloading updates.

In Task Schedule we made task with trigger at 7 PM and set Action to start “netsh” and argumnet:

 advfirewall firewall set rule name="FW_rule name" new enable=Yes 

Then we made another one to disable the rule in 16 AM, with argument:

 advfirewall firewall set rule name="FW_rule name" new enable=no 


Silent Clean Disk batch script – GPO – Cleanmgr

For silent disk cleanup user computers we use batch logoff script in GPO:

cleanmgr/d c: /verylowdisk

Logon Scripts for installing AdobeReader

I found some scripts which can be use for installing AdobeReader and ather sofware via GPO:

First Example:

TITLE Adobe Reader Installer
ECHO *************************************************************
ECHO This will install Adobe Reader on remote nodes              *
ECHO Script by JohnnyJammer                                      *
ECHO *************************************************************
    SET /p target=What is the name of the Target computer:
ECHO Copying over Adobe Reader to %target%'s C:\ drive
    XCOPY /y "\\FQDN_Path\to\your\file\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp" "\\%target%\C$"
ECHO Now installing Adobe Reader
    ::%target% could be reading a file like so
    ::wmic /node:@C:\SometextFilewithComputerNames.txt process call create "C:\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp /sAll /msi /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES UPDATE_MODE=3"
    wmic /node:%target% process call create "C:\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp /sAll /msi /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES UPDATE_MODE=3"
::Allow 5 minutes to install, may need more time for this!
ping -n 300 > %TMP%\PING
ECHO Checking version
wmic product where (name like 'adobe reader%%') get version
ECHO Cleaning up files........................
    del "\\%target%\C$\AdbeRdrUpd11011.msp"
    del %TMP%\PING
ECHO Done.......................................

Make txt list off clients:

net view | find /i "\\" | sort >> C:\SortedWorkstations.txt

Second Example:

title Installing Adobe Reader
echo Installing Adobe Reader. . .

set READER="\\SERVER\FOLDER\AdbeRdr1011_en_US.exe"
if not exist %READER% set missing=%READER% & goto ERR1

goto END

echo Unable to locate: %missing%
goto END


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